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        Enterprise concept
        Employee grace
        staff training
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          Enterprise concept The current position :Homepage > Enterprise culture > Enterprise concept

        First, the core values
        1, the pursuit of:
        The field of mechanical transmission gear aiming at customers and strategic partners to achieve the dream, and rely on bit by bit, perseverance and painstaking pursuit of health benefits our products have become industry leaders and first-class supplier. By the pressure from the market, the enterprise system is always active.
        2, Staff:
        Responsible and effective management of staff is the greatest wealth machine health benefits. Respect knowledge, respect for individual and collective struggle and do not give employees the sustainable growth of our internal requirements.
        3, Technology:
        Extensive absorption of the world the latest gear mechanical transmission R & D results, with an open mind to the best machinery manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to learn, open to cooperation on the basis of independence, to create a leading core technology system, with our excellent products stand strong opponents of the forest industry.
        4, Spirit:
        Love the motherland and people, career, love life, health benefits is a source of mechanical cohesion. Sense of responsibility, spirit of innovation, professionalism and team spirit is the essence of culture, health benefits machinery, realistic mechanical behavior of our criteria for health benefits.
        5, interests:
        We advocate health benefits machinery customers, employees and partners form a community of interests between the efforts to explore the market demand in order to achieve the performance of dynamic allocation of factors of production mechanism. Devotee should be a reasonable return.
        6, culture:
        Resources will be exhausted, only culture will be endless, all industrial products are created by human wisdom, not to depend on mechanical health benefits of natural resources, health benefits only in the minds of people to dig out the big oil, big forests, large coal mines ... .... Can be transformed into spiritual substance, material help to consolidate the spirit of civilization. Therefore, we always adhere to the health benefits machinery for material spiritual approach to health benefits and gradually the team become passionate, pragmatic and mutual assistance and harmony of the team.
        7, Social Responsibility:
        Kang Yi Machinery industry colleagues to serve the country and of science and technology is their responsibility to the communities where the company's development as a contribution to the prosperity of our great motherland, the revitalization of the Chinese nation, for their tireless efforts and family well-being.

        Second, the entrepreneurial spirit
        Integrity, precision, passion, innovation, service

        Third, the business goals
        Supporting China's leading machinery manufacturers.

        Fourth, corporate mission 
            Win-win situation with employees, and customers win, and shareholders win, win-win situation with our partners, and social win-win situation

        Five, enterprise quality
        Create value for customers

        VI, enterprise business management
        1, management mode: management affectionate, strong regulations, processes and orderly, rational incentive
        2, the organizing principle: to do Shegang to post person to person, work capacity, accountable
        3, employing standard: business development needs for the company, conscientious and honest
        4, cadres standard: good authority, good guidance, good response, good cooperation, rather than rely, to not fight, who self-discipline law, justice and integrity
        5, distribution: fully reflect the staff competence, diligence, quality and contributions

        VII, enterprise security policy
        Safety first, prevention, comprehensive treatment
        Eight, working principles
        1 = own work to improve the daily work +
        2, the life pursuit of quality, pu

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