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        Warmly congratulate the Kang benefit machine company party department be reviewed to organize for t
        Sources: china                Timeline: 2011-03-28
             September 14 morning, the advanced party of Yiyang High-tech Zone in recognition of the Independent Commission Against Education Conference cum Party Theater grand opening in Yiyang. Recognition at the grand branch of my company in 11 advanced grass-roots party organizations, the company Vice-Minister Liu Huarong technical quality was "good communist"title.             
               Branch will be the recognition of the company as an opportunity to cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, dedication, in strengthening the business development, continue to strengthen party building, at work and give full play the role of Party Organizations and members of the vanguard Role, solidarity, harmony work for the company''''''''s efficient operation, the high-tech zone of economic, social undertakings  
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